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About Barolet-Pernot

Driving into the towering hills of Saint-Romain, passing the well-known Auxey-Duresses vineyard, one cannot help but appreciate this microclimate as the weather becomes increasingly volatile in Burgundy. It’s easy to understand why this overlooked appellation is an exciting place to be a winemaker right now. Located at the foot of the highest cliff in the Côte de Beaune, Romain Barolet of Barolet-Pernot is pushing the limits of the Saint-Romain appellation, with a total of 14 hectares spanning Puligny-Montrachet through Beaune. The cellar surrounded by an amphitheater of soaring marl and limestone cliffs is a beautiful place to be doing it, Romain shares with a big smile on his face.

 As the fourth generation of his family, Romain took over as winemaker in 2015. He spent a lot more of his time in these singular vineyards during COVID, eventually pushing the family to bring back production 100% in house. Beyond his light-handed touch in the cellar, and his focus on creating honest expressions of these mineral-rich wines of Saint-Romain, Romain has decided to extend his work beyond the family label. He is creating a personal négoce label where he can experiment further and place a big focus on longer élevage for these age-worthy terroirs across the Côte de Beaune.

Regardless of the generations passed since Romain’s great-grandparents started Barolet-Pernot, a new chapter is starting for the domaine. Romaine is leading them into the future with clear verve and ability. Armed with a war chest of vineyards including Saint-Romain, Auxey Duresses, Beaune 1er Les Tuerons, Puligny-Montrachet 1er La Garenne & Les Pucelles, and Batard-Montrachet, the future is bright for Romain. His wines already reflect how high the ceiling is for Barolet-Pernot and all that he is doing, while the best it yet to come from this impassioned young winemaker.