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About Emilio Vada

Located on the border of Langhe and Monferrato, lies beautiful Coazzolo, a small village in Asti, where you see the name “Emilio Vada” brandished everywhere. The signs lead you to a young and gifted winemaker who is leading the family-run winery into the future. Previously, the family had been farming these robust vineyard holdings and selling the grapes for four generations, but a fire under Emilio to push the limits on the wines of Asti ignited his decision to take over the reins in 2016. It is just the beginning of the road as they ramp up in-house production, and continue to invest seriously into their estate and cellar. Emilio’s plans and goals have continued to build since. 

With a focus on reviving the red grape varietals in Asti, Emilio grows Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto, along with Moscato, one of the jewels of this region. Emilio has implemented a straightforward and honest élevage, to craft new levels of red wines not seen in this area before. It’s a family effort, as Emilio, along with his mother, Milva, and father, Roberto, have placed an emphasis on a sustainable approach in their 15 hectares of vineyards. One of the jokes that Emilio often makes is that when their plot of Langhe Nebbiolo was reclassified, it could have been classified as Barbaresco, but “unfortunately for us, all we have at this moment is Langhe Nebbiolo,” he says with a smile. Some might frown, but not this energized winemaker. He does not have the regulatory restrictions of Barolo or Barbaresco, and I see this as an advantage. 

The high ceiling for Emilio’s wines and the elite level of terroir that exists here in Coazzolo can be seen in the proximity to Neive, just over the hills. By employing sustainable philosophies in the vineyards, working hand in hand with family, and investing heavily into the cellar, Emilio has found a balanced, lifted, and fresh expression of his range of wines. It’s just the beginning for Emilio Vada, a passionate, capable, and earnest winemaker.