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The Processes

Unlike other forms of art, wine has a shelf life, and it is important to respect and understand this when it comes to collecting. Even with the best provenance, every bottle in a collection will hit its peak. I will proactively and impartially manage these collections.

As a result of my broadening interests in new appellations, varietals, and winemaking styles, I specialize in acquisitions. If you are looking for blue-chip cuvées from up-and-coming winemakers to well-known producers, or varietal diversification in your collection, I will bolster your cellar with Stelle Wine Co.’s international network.

Whether you are in need of swapping excess older vintages, repositioning a portfolio into a new appellation, or simply spring cleaning, my approach to disposition is comprehensive. I will create absolute value by disposing of superfluous wines through private consignment, auction, and various industry relationships.